Acheron, also known as the Emanator of Nihility, has become a highly anticipated character from the world of Penacony. Despite not being initially featured in patch 2.0’s banners, her kit was unveiled during the 2.0 beta and has undergone significant updates. Acheron’s synergy with Nihility characters and her status as the second 5-star lightning Nihility character after Kafka make her a compelling addition to the game.

In the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Beta, Acheron’s leaked updated kit showcases some remarkable changes that have piqued the interest of players and enthusiasts alike.

Talent: – Acheron commences with O Flowers and operates without the use of energy or the ability to receive it. Her actions result in the application of flowers to enemies, with a maximum limit of 9(?). Upon the demise of an enemy, their remaining flowers are transferred to the enemy with the highest count. When reaching the maximum number of flowers, she gains the ability to unleash her ultimate.

Normal Attack: – Executes a single-target attack against an enemy, causing the target to receive 1 flower.

Skill: – [Skill description can be included here]

These updates to Acheron’s kit in the 2.0 beta reflect a significant shift in her abilities and playstyle, generating considerable excitement and anticipation within the gaming community.During the ultimate ability, Acheron significantly reduces the damage resistance of all enemies. Additionally, all attacks executed during this ultimate will bypass any weaknesses. Acheron carries out 4 distinct actions in quick succession:

  • Action 1: Executes a 2-hit attack on the enemy with the highest number of flowers, decreasing their flower count by 3. This action is followed by an area of effect (AOE) attack with the damage ratio being dependent on the number of flowers that were reduced.
  • Action 2: Performs a 3-hit attack on the enemy with the most flowers, reducing their flower count by 3. Subsequently, an AOE attack is executed with the damage ratio scaled based on the number of flowers that were reduced.
  • Action 3: Conducts a 1-hit attack on the enemy with the most flowers, reducing their flower count by 3. This is followed by an AOE attack with the damage ratio being scaled based on the number of flowers that were reduced.
  • Action 4: Executes a 2-hit AOE attack targeting all enemies.Upon initiating combat, Acheron generates a variable number of flowers to be applied to the most formidable adversary and executes an area of effect attack on all opponents.

A2 Ascension: Upon commencing combat, Acheron produces a variable number of flowers to be applied to the most formidable adversary.

A4 Ascension: If there is a minimum of 1 Nihility teammate in the party, enhance the damage of all Acheron’s attacks by a certain percentage. With at least 2 Nihility teammates, further increase the damage of all Acheron’s attacks by a specific percentage.

A6 Ascension: Upon consumption of a flower during the ultimate move, bestow Acheron with a damage percentage boost for a certain number of turns (up to a maximum number of stacks).

E1 Eidolon: Upon application of a debuff on an enemy, elevate Acheron’s attack percentage and critical chance percentage until the conclusion of the encounter, with the potential to accumulate a specific number of stacks.

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